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Does Birth Control Contribute to Anxiety & Depression?

ou have struggled with anxiety and/or depression while on birth control, you’re not alone. In fact, you are experiencing what about half of women on synthetic contraceptives are experiencing.

This is a topic of discussion that has been coming up A LOT in my coaching practice. Women are tired of feeling lethargic, panicky, and like they are on a mood roller coaster day after day. We feel like there is nowhere to turn besides more pharmaceuticals, and when our labs keep coming back as normal, the frustration just continues to increase.

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High Cortisol & Low Progesterone...Could you be Struggling?

There are number of common hormone imbalances that affect women, but one combination that I see SO often, is the correlation between high cortisol and low progesterone.

Why are these two hormones so important?

And how do you know if you’re struggling with an imbalance?

We will determine some of the common characteristics below & what you can do to start balancing your hormones right away.

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What Reiki Energy Healing Has Taught Me

Everything is energy. Intuitively, I always knew that.

But, it wasn’t until I received my Reiki certification this past weekend that it actually SUNK IN.

Here’s the thing -- there is an energetic flow that exists through, and with-in, all living things. Especially us humans!

And when there is imbalance in our lives (emotionally or physically) this energy can get kinda… stuck.

That’s why you might be feeling anxious/sad, or even perhaps, dealing with physical pain. Overtime, when we don’t release these built up emotions, our body starts to react.

Without a way to release and let go - the body manifests symptoms as a way to get our attention

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5 Easy Tips for Anxiety Relief

The anxious feelings and thoughts can seem to come out of nowhere.

You’re just sitting there, minding your own business, and all of a sudden your brain is flooded with random thoughts and your body starts to feel uneasy…what gives?

That’s the weird thing about anxiety -- it can happen when we least expect it.

In those moments where you’re looking for some quick and easy relief, I’ve compiled 5 anxiety tips that can help:

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Is Your Workout Routine STRESSING You Out?

Did you know that over-exercising when your body is already stressed can have a negative impact on your system?
I know that there is a lot of talk out there about “commitment and pushing through”… but sometimes it’s just as important to let yourself rest.

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Travel Anxiety…What I've Learned.

As many of you know, traveling in general sparks some anxiety in me, but when you toss NYC energy on top of it all, it tends to get a bit… magnified. Sprinkle in the fact that I am annoyingly claustrophobic (planes, elevators, subways … oh my!) and I’ve got some emotions to deal with it!

So what’s a travel-loving gal supposed to do when her sensitive nervous system, anxiety, and love for exploring new places collides?

Luckily, there’s quite a lot! And I’m ready to share those tools with you, too.

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Finding Food Freedom

Earlier this week I wrote a post on instagram about how I have been enjoying ALL of the fall goodies this season. Donuts, cupcakes, cookies...I was craving all things pumpkin!

Now, I know how HARD it can be to overthink sugar when it comes to balancing your hormones (and gut). And, when I’m working with my clients, we talk a lot about what it means to balance your blood sugar and how refined sugar and carbs can really hurt our delicate hormonal balance…BUT… I’ve also found that there is a beautiful balance.

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Why I Created the 4-Month Coaching Program

I was always afraid of how anxious or nervous I was going to feel. I would worry about being able to make it through the work day without feeling completely exhausted. And I dreaded waking up with yet ANOTHER upset stomach. Most of all, I was constantly stressing about the “best” food to put in my body. I was always on the defense! And my negative self-talk was making the situation even worse.

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Anxiety can feel unpredictable, but here's what you can do...

I used to be SO afraid of my anxiety/worry, which in turn, only made it worse and made it last a longer. Instead of feeding into it, I practiced the tools that have helped me reduce and overcome a lot of my old symptoms.

I’ve found that takes a blend of reducing nutritional & lifestyle stressors as well as breaking down my core beliefs around anxiety that has made all the difference in my healing process.

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Why Work with a holistic Coach?

The most frequently asked question I receive is.... well ... what does a health coach do?  

Most of us already know that we should be eating whole foods and moving our bodies, right?  I mean, the internet is practically overflowing with the next "perfect diet" and "calorie-burning exercise routine" you MUST do in order to achieve optimal health.

With so much information at our finger tips, what's the point of working with a one-on-one coach?

Well here's a little secret... 

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Maximize Your Morning Routine With These Tips

Morning routines are incredibly important when optimizing your gut health. How you start your morning directly affects how you are going to feel for the rest of the day! Along with making sure you get in a solid breakfast (which I can't wait to talk more about at my workshop on August 4th) there are a lot of little lifestyle modifications you can make to detox your body and boost your energy.  

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Is the Thought of "Self-Care" Stressing You Out?

Self-care has great intentions, but at times it can add way more pressure than it's worth. Take it from a wellness inspired perfectionist -- it is easy to believe that you just aren't doing enough. It's time we let ourselves off the hook. Taking care of your stress and your health doesn't have to look picture perfect. I know the world of instagram tells us otherwise (and I'm at fault of this too!), but remember these snapshots are merely a glimpse of the big picture….

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How I Moved Through My Fear in 3 Steps

Here is the funny thing about fear -- it really has great intentions. Fear lives within us in order to keep us safe and protected. Ultimately, it just wants the best for us! But what fear doesn’t understand, is that living within our comfort zone, isn’t always in our best interest. Sure, we might encounter less stress, less heartache, and way less failure…. but we will also encounter way less LIVING…

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Stress and Your Health: 3 Easy Steps Towards Healing

You may find it challenging to eliminate your top stressors at the moment, (especially if it is work or family related), so let's start small! There are so many ways you can find balance in the body from a nutritional and holistic standpoint.Below are my top 3 components for reducing stress in the body. These are the 3 steps I focus on first when working with my clients (and myself!)  

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Why Thanking My Anxiety Changed My Life

I never thought I would actually thank my anxiety for being a part of my life. In fact, I used to resist its unwelcomed visits to the point of exhaustion. How could I sit back and allow my uncomfortable feelings to persist without a fight? My anxiety made me feel like a completely different person - a person I didn’t really like, for that matter -  so I did everything I could to avoid it at all costs....

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4 Tips to Kick the Winter Blues

I will be the first to admit that winter is not my favorite season, but this year I've decided it's time to reframe my mindset. I can't possibly rely my happiness on factors outside of my control. After all, I am the only one in charge of my happiness. I've come to realize that I am never a victim to the circumstances around me and I always have the ability to CHOOSE the thoughts and beliefs I want to change in my life. So, I've decided -- it's time to figure out how to kick these winter blues once and for all, and reclaim my happiness back. Here are some of my favorite strategies for beating the winter blues, and you KNOW I will be putting them into practice myself, too....

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Prioritizing A Mindful & Healthy Holiday Season

The holidays are here!! Christmas music is on full blast, nearby stores are bustling with shoppers, and snowflakes are in the air. Yet the happiness and joy that is so often highlighted during this time of year can also come with a lot of hidden (or not so hidden!) stressors. Stress around travel plans, present buying, and busy schedules can leave us feeling tired and anxious. Not to mention all of the excess sugars and processed foods that tend to fill our diets and wreak havoc on our system during this time of year. Yes, this season is a time of great togetherness and joy, but it can also be a time that pushes our physical and mental health to the limit, too....

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Discovering What Really Matters

I unexpectedly lost my father-in-law this past Thanksgiving and it was one of the few major losses I have experienced in my 28 years. Nothing makes the loss of a loved one easier, but I can truthfully say that this situation has opened my heart in more ways than I could have ever imagined...

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