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Nina is super knowledgable about hormone health and works to find the root cause for everything and doesn’t see you as one size fits all. She gets really specific for each person and just because she tried something with another client doesn’t mean she’s going to do the same with you. You get a really personalized plan and each meeting has a specific purpose and focus. Her program is great!
— Kelly
Coaching with Nina has been amazing. It allowed me to put into action the things I knew about, but didn’t know how to use for me. She also kept me accountable, and helped me get back on track. The biggest tangible change has been in my homeostasis; instead of my standard mode being fight-or-flight due to my anxiety, I now know what it feels like to be at rest, and know what to do when this anxiety comes back. I have a new “normal.”
— Liesl
I now have a sense of how my body is doing on a daily basis. I have a deeper level of awareness. I can’t believe how this coaching experience worked so perfectly!
— Alainea
I related to Nina’s experience with anxiety and decided to reach out. I have grown so much in the short time I have been working with [her]. I’ve learned to be kinder to myself and prioritize myself and my time. I loved that we were able to dig deep during sessions. Nothing is off limits! Nina is super supportive and validating, and sessions felt collaborative and comfortable.
— Ava
Rarely have I noticed shifts in my body as quickly as I did after Nina’s 14-Day Gut Reboot program. It was so normal for me to feel lethargic and bloated throughout the day that I didn’t realize how TERRIBLE I was feeling until Nina’s guidance all but eliminated those symptoms within the first week. As someone who deals with anxiety, feeling better physically brightened my mood, too. Best of all, it’s an “elimination” plan in name includes a LOT and I never felt like I was depriving my body what it needed. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is struggling to hear what their body is trying to tell them.
— Liz
Working with Nina was the best decision I made! She was nothing short of informative, supportive, and helpful in helping me achieve my goals! Her knowledge on health and mindset was amazing and she really put her whole heart and soul into helping me!
— Allison
I’m so glad I decided to chat with Nina about my gut health issues a couple of months ago. Nina is a wonderful listener who brings so much knowledge to the table when it comes to gut health and she does an excellent job individualizing her coaching. She was able to help me quickly identify my mental stressors, eating and lifestyle habits that may be negatively impacting my gut which lead to some true “aha” moments for myself. I’m very excited to start her 14-Day Gut Reboot Program!
— Chelsea
I am so glad that I did the 14 day reboot. After feeling so great those first two weeks I decided to continue the reboot for 28 days. During my coaching with Nina and with the meal plan ideas she gave me it was quite easy to transform my eating plan. My IBS and acid reflux symptoms are totally gone. I have a lot more energy, and I am sleeping better than ever!
— Kristin
I signed up for Nina’s 14 Day Gut Reboot despite not having any digestive issues. On the other hand, I was looking for a lifestyle change after finding myself overall bloated and fatigued. Nina’s meal and snack suggestions have totally transformed my breakfasts and lunches that I easily make at home on a daily basis. I had no idea how tasty and easy putting together one of her meal suggestions could be and how it would give me all the energy AND keep me full for hours. I loved our consultation as well because Nina was so knowledgeable about explaining WHY these things were good for my body. I absolutely recommend this 14 Day Gut Reboot whether you’re experiencing digestive issues or not!
— Alexa
One look at the description of Nina’s online course, and the content being covered over the six weeks, and I knew that this was the program for me! This is not a crash diet or a “one and done” type program. It is a way of life that will create lasting change. I finally feel like I understand how to be an intuitive eater and be more aware of my daily choices and how they affect my body. Even though my six weeks are over, I still have so many resources available to return to and so many to continue studying to be able to further my journey!
— Holly
I’m so glad Nina reached out to me and offered me a spot in this program. The opportunity came at the perfect time for me when I needed some emotional support and a reminder of what it looks like to care for yourself and your body. Nina designed a very easy to understand program that is informative without being overwhelming. She is so open the entire time and willing and able to address whatever is coming up for you, whether it directly relates to the current content or not. She is such a joy with the most positive and uplifting energy that makes you feel welcome and supported. I will absolutely be working with her again in the future and highly recommend this program!
— Rebecca
I was very hesitant to spend the money on “another” program that I would not follow through with however, I have found that I am sad that our six weeks is over and so are our weekly coaching calls. This program has taught me to so much about food, what I am eating (good and bad), that calories are not the most important thing, and that taking time for me is so important. I have made myself a priority and no longer have guilt about taking that time for myself. This program gave me information that I will use for the rest of my life and isnt some new fad that everyone is trying.
— Gretchen
I started this course with an open mind and open heart to be able to change my lifestyle and improve my health. I struggle with multiple chronic conditions and I wanted to gain knowledge to be able to thrive rather than just survive my day to day. I noticed a difference within the first couple weeks (especially in my gut health). I gained wonderful knowledge and have implemented habits that I hope to use for the rest of my life. I would totally take her course again! Loved the weekly phone calls with the girls. Having a group to talk to and bounce ideas off was great and gave a nice perspective on different issues we were all having. Nina did a great job hosting this course. She is wonderful to work with and has a heart for helping others. Totally recommend this course for anyone dealing with gut and hormonal issues!!!
— Hayley
You can sense Nina’s passion for holistic health throughout her entire 6-week course. She genuinely wants people to find what works for THEM, because health is not a one size, fit all answer. She offers many different self-improvement techniques (whether it’s tweaks to diet, journaling, yoga, meditation, etc) so there’s a little bit for everyone here. Highly recommend if you want to get to know yourself a bit more!!
— Megan