The REboot

Did you know that the gut is one of the FIRST places I start when coaching my clients through hormone imbalance and anxiety?

I was inspired to create this 14-Day Reboot because I was continually speaking with more and more women who just needed guidance on what foods would truly nourish and support their bodies.

Surprisingly -- hormone issues, anxiety, and a host of other health symptoms can usually be traced back to the gut.

You may not even realize that you have belly troubles until you start diving in to the e-book and you start FEELING the difference :)

If you're ready jumpstart your hormonal health, this 2-week reboot will get you started!

The tools and resources included in this guide will lead you through a few of my favorite ways to nourish your body with the quality food it craves.

Extra Gut Reboot Support

1:1 support for $67

This free resource does not include 1:1 coaching, but I am SO HAPPY to offer a 50-minute coaching session with this program!

If you would like additional support with this reboot, you can schedule your 50-minute coaching below!!


Snack Cheat Sheet

First things, first... I want you to know is that a girl should NEVER go hungry ;)

If you’re eating regular meals, and still feel like you’re not full, it may mean that you haven’t eaten enough protein or high quality fats throughout the day.

Looking strategically at each of your meals and assessing whether or not you have included these two important macronutrients is very important.

But don't worry, I'll give you lots of options in my snack cheat sheet!

In addition to feeling full, having a snack on hand throughout the day helps to stabilize your blood sugar, which means less anxiety!

With a ton of protein and quality fat options to choose from, you be feeling energized and calm with this helpful guide.


Grocery Guide

You’re feeling inspired to hit the grocery store and stock your kitchen and pantry with foods that are going to make you feel amazing again. You know that it’s possible to build this new and healthy habit...the only problem is... you have no idea where to start.

There are SO many food options, and grocery stores, out there. It can be challenging to know where to focus your attention and what items to lookout for.

I GET it!

I know that eating healthy can feel both time consuming and expensive, so I’m here to make that a little it easier for you. This grocery store guide was created to help you breakdown a few of my favorite stores: Trader Joes, Fresh Thyme, Kroger, Whole Foods, and Aldi.

I give you the low-down on where you can find healthy food that is both cheap and easy.