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It is my mission that you will wake up each morning feeling energized, comfortable in your body, and empowered by food. 

I know what it feels like to live WAY too many years feeling overworked and unenergized. It becomes hard to focus as you manage to make it through the day. You’ve tried all the latest diets and calming routines but nothing seems to give.

It feels like your body is revolting against you! You’ve gone to your doctors for help, but never leave with the answers you’re looking for. All you want to do is feel better so you can really start LIVING AGAIN.

you know there HAS to be a better way… you’re just not sure how to get there.

That’s where I come in to help. My 4-month program focuses on getting to the root of your health concerns. Whether you’re looking to calm anxiety, improve the health of your gut, or balance your hormones… I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

From a girl who’s been there, too.


We will dive deep into: 

  • How to feel comfortable and empowered around food

  • Foods that may be triggering for your system & causing inflammation

  • How to heal your gut through proper nutrition

  • The benefits of probiotics & calming supplements

  • How to calm anxiety through mindfulness techniques

  • How to reframe your mind-set and stress story

  • How to balance your hormones through lifestyle & nutrition

  • How to cultivate happiness and joy in your life

  • Your core beliefs and how they affect your overall health

Still not sure what a health coach does?

Check out THIS blog post to read more!

Program Offerings


4-month Program

  • 10, 60-minute coaching sessions

  • Action plan and individualized goals following each call

  • Unlimited email and text support between sessions

  • My 14-Day Gut Reboot Program

  • A welcome package with healthy samples and goodies to get you started

  • Access to free handouts, nutritional resources, and tools to support your healing


VIP Extras

  • 90-minute “deep dive” sessions

  • Grocery shopping tour

  • Pantry clean-out

  • VIP wellness day

  • Special gifts tailored to YOU.



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Nina met me where I was. I came to her because I knew I needed help to feel better, but wasn’t even sure where to start. I was frustrated because I had a well-established workout routine and fairly healthy diet, but still just didn’t feel “good.” She immediately sensed that my stress levels were out of control (as a fellow teacher she completely understood my crazy schedule and immense career-related stresses). She taught me so much about nutrition and gut health. Learning to listen to my gut/body, eat more intuitively, and go easy on the guilt/pressure I put on myself to always be perfect nutritionally has really made a difference.
— Jen
Nina is super knowledgable about hormone health and works to find the root cause for everything and doesn’t see you as one size fits all. She gets really specific for each person and just because she tried something with another client doesn’t mean she’s going to do the same with you. You get a really personalized plan and each meeting has a specific purpose and focus. Her program is great!
— Kelly
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Coaching with Nina has been amazing. It allowed me to put into action the things I knew about, but didn’t know how to use for me. She also kept me accountable, and helped me get back on track. The biggest tangible change has been in my homeostasis; instead of my standard mode being fight-or-flight due to my anxiety, I now know what it feels like to be at rest, and know what to do when this anxiety comes back. I have a new “normal.”
— Liesl
I related to Nina’s experience with anxiety and decided to reach out. I have grown so much in the short time I have been working with [her]. I’ve learned to be kinder to myself and prioritize myself and my time. I loved that we were able to dig deep during sessions. Nothing is off limits! Nina is super supportive and validating, and sessions felt collaborative and comfortable.
— Ava
Rarely have I noticed shifts in my body as quickly as I did after Nina’s 14-Day Gut Reboot program. It was so normal for me to feel lethargic and bloated throughout the day that I didn’t realize how TERRIBLE I was feeling until Nina’s guidance all but eliminated those symptoms within the first week. As someone who deals with anxiety, feeling better physically brightened my mood, too. Best of all, it’s an “elimination” plan in name includes a LOT and I never felt like I was depriving my body what it needed. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is struggling to hear what their body is trying to tell them.
— Liz
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Working with Nina was the best decision I made! She was nothing short of informative, supportive, and helpful in helping me achieve my goals! Her knowledge on health and mindset was amazing and she really put her whole heart and soul into helping me!
— Allison
I went into Nina’s gut health workshop with a completely open mind not having much knowledge on the topic. I was surprised to find out how much our gut health truly affects our mind and body! Nina’s workshop was extremely informative and I cannot wait to learn more from her and use these tips in my every day life.
— Jessica
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I didn’t realize how interconnected our stress levels and gut health are until going to Nina’s workshop. Keeping your body in its most-balanced state not only helps to keep us relaxed but helps with our digestive processes and overall physical health. Nina gave excellent advice in her workshop and offered fun and easy ways to practice good stress-control and nutritional habits. I came into the workshop seeking solely nutritional advice, and I am so happy that Nina bundled together a full understanding of the mind-gut connection with a holistic approach. I recommend Nina’s services to anyone who wants to improve their relaxation and/or diet and realize the clear connection between the two.
— Megan, Reiki Practitioner
I’m so glad I decided to chat with Nina about my gut health issues a couple of months ago. Nina is a wonderful listener who brings so much knowledge to the table when it comes to gut health and she does an excellent job individualizing her coaching. She was able to help me quickly identify my mental stressors, eating and lifestyle habits that may be negatively impacting my gut which lead to some true “aha” moments for myself. I’m very excited to start her 14-Day Gut Reboot Program!
— Chelsea
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