Private Tarot card Readings


One-on-one Readings & Private group readings

Are you looking to get some guidance on a big decision? Or perhaps you’re trying to explore a deeper connection to the Universe as a whole?

These are just two of the many reasons why I LOVE tarot. It is such a fantastic resource for getting in touch with your intuition.

The cards help us in communicating with the deepest parts of ourselves -- and what could be better than that?

Let’s bust some myths first…


A common fear that comes up around tarot is the idea of the cards “reading your future,” but this is far from the truth.

The cards aren’t going to magically see into your future or predict anything scary, rather, the cards are going bring out what you already intuitively know!

In addition, there is no such thing as a “bad” tarot card. Each pull will help guide you towards the best answer for YOU. This may mean you need to address some of pieces of you that you sometimes avoid, but that is never a bad thing, now is it? ;)

All in all, the cards are going to bring to light a concept or theme in your life that needs some attention…and this is a beautiful thing!

ok, let’s do this!

Whether you're looking for some guidance and self-love, or you want to have a fun night out with your gals, let's get your personal reading scheduled. 


Nina is so open and welcoming. It was my first time meeting her yet felt so comfortable in her house! Each of the 10 girls tarot cards were exactly spot on! One even shed a few tears and I’m sure a few of us had tears on the brink of coming out. It was so empowering and inspiring to hear other women’s cards and discussion. We are not alone in the world and often times share the same trials and tribulations! I will definitely be back!
— MK
I absolutely loved the Tarot & Teachings event with Nina. It was a great group of girls, small and intimate. The message I received resonated with me on so many levels, it was a great experience! I’m looking forward to all the upcoming events!
— Nicole
I really had no idea what to expect with an event like Tarot & Teachings, but it sounded interesting and I’m so glad I came. Not only were the tarot cards fun and super interesting, but the discussion and empowerment that went along with sharing each person’s card and what it meant to her was a great bonding experience. I love surrounding myself with and getting to know better all these wonderfully positive and inspiring ladies. Can’t wait for the next event!
— Alyssa
I am so glad I decided to attend Nina’s Tarot & Teachings event because it really shed a light on things I have been thinking about in my life! Not only is her apartment so bright and cozy, but the intimate environment of open minded girls and guys was so welcoming! I have attended two of the events so far and I will definitely be back for another one! Each time you have a card drawn your mind is in a different place, so each experience is unique. If you’re looking for something fun and different to try while making new friends and spending time with old friends, come to Tarot & Teachings!
— Kate
I had an amazing time at the tarot and teaching at Nina’s; not only is her apartment beautiful and is she is such a gracious host but was able to meet new friends and people who are in to things like me (spirituality, tapping in to intuition, and enjoy wine!) There’s something about drinking wine and discussing your spirituality and tapping in to your intuition with link minded people that is so powerful. It was like a therapy session but better because I met new people, received messages that aligned to my life currently and was able to talk and hear about others journeys as well. I think the best part was just the conversation that unfolded from these cards and building new friendships because of our discussion. I plan to stay in touch with everyone at these sessions and can’t wait for the next one!
— Kiki